Simunovich Olive Oils Simunovich Olive Estate award winning olive oils are made from  carefully chosen fruit varieties, blended to achieve a pleasant tasting,  high-quality product acclaimed by chefs throughout the country. All the  olive oils are made from 100% pure concentrate, entirely grown and  pressed on the Estate. 
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Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Use this oil every day in fantastic dressings and for  cooking your favourite meals. Its light colour and flavour  will delight the senses and help the body enjoy a long and  healthy life. Comes in a 250ml glass bottle.  Price $16.20 
Garlic Infused Olive Oil  Olive oils have a delicious taste all of their own, but  sometimes it’s great to add a dash of natural and  complimentary flavour to truly make them sing. Great in  your favourite dressing or as a unique cooking base, garlic  infusion provides the perfect tang without ever tasting harsh.  Price $20.70 
Lemon Infused Olive Oil Just like the garlic infusion, this is the result of finding that perfect meeting point between the natural flavours of our oil and the citrus kick of the lemon. Price $20.70
Olivado Avacado Oils
Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Quite simply, the pressed juice of New Zealand's finest quality ripe Avocados. Price $14
Olivado Basil Infused Avocado Oil Illuminated delicate flavor and aroma of fresh, hand picked basil. Great for Italian dishes and dressings Price $14
Olivado Chili & Bell Pepper Infused Avocado Oil Our special, deep infusion method creates an intense flavor profile. A dash of heat for Indian and Mexican Food Price $14
Olivado Rosemary Infused Avocado Oil Our special, deep infusion method creates an intense flavor profile. Best for chicken, baked potatoes, and other vegetables Price $14
Olivado Avocado Zest Oil A cold pressing of avocado and lemons...a taste sensation. Price $16
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