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Eden Coffee We are suppliers of Eden Coffee & keep a good supply of freshly roasted beans & plunger/filter ready ground.
Soul Kaleidoscope of flavour, a secret recipe, medium roasted Arabica beans, velvety, smooth a well rounded taste weightless on the tongue silky on the palate Origins: PNG, Kenya, Indonesian, Indian & Maragogype 250gms - $12.50 1kg - $36 Darkness An Intense, ebony coffee with pronounced nutty overtones. Semi-dark roast, exhilarating explosion of flavour, sharp in taste Origins: PNG, Brazil 250gms - $12.50 1kg - $36 Black Moon A rich super dark roast, full bodied, deep chocolate with hints of blackcurrant, leaving a sweet lingering taste a powerful provocative flavour Origins: Indian, PNG 250gms - $12.50 1kg - $36   Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Cocafe Chocolate coffee beans are delicious, made for us in NZ, each bean had a thick delicious coating of high grade milk chocolate. 80gms - $6.80 Shott Coffee Syrups Make yummy cafe drinks at home! NZ made syrups, add to your coffee for something different, Choose from Caramel, Vanilla. Add some hot or cold for a refreshing drink of Lemon Ginger & Honey, Tahitian Lime, Melon Lime & bitters, Cranberry & Lime, Passionfruit. $19 
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